E-Cig Industry

The E-Cig Industry, Taking A Closer Look

What does the FDA say about the purchase and use of E-Cigarettes?
The FDA consider e-cigarettes as a non-tobacco product, which means that it’s use is not regulated under U.S tobacco law. This makes e-cigs readily available to purchase from anyone, anywhere without the buyer having to show proof of age.

This new device has brought about controversie between parents who want to protect their kids from the trapping effects of nicotine addiction at an early age which are found in these products. That is why regulatory agencies around the world are taking a closer look at these devices and introducing a new range of restrictions on their purchase and use.

What does medical science suggest?

On the other hand, medical science suggests that the use of e-cigs cannot be considered as a totally safe alternative to tobacco smoking, as the device contains certain amounts of nicotine and tar which long-term use could be hazardous to health. Medical scientists do not believe product manufacturer’s claims on how safe the vapors of this product are when in fact studies show cases of respiratory inflammation and irritation in the eyes caused by the propylene glycol mist in the vapor.

What are the FDA and other health experts concerns regarding the use of e-cigarettes?

The Food and Drug Administration and a few health experts seem to be concerned about the side effects of breathing in pure nicotine into the human body, especially in kids. The FDA is also concerned about the quality control of this product as some manufacturers do not adequately disclose all the chemical content in their e-cigarettes and the actual amount of nicotine found in their cartridges may not be the same amount listed on the label.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Food and Drug Administration had recently discussed with industry officials about the possible ban on online sales in efforts to prevent the product from being purchased by minors.

Parents also need to be aware of the impact nicotine consumption may have on their under aged kids, under age purchase of this product should be discouraged as nicotine is an addictive substance and studies about how safe the product is, seems to be inconclusive. So please take notice of medical reports about the negative side-effects of underage ‘vaping’.